Our Philosophy

We believe you will learn ways to better harmonize with nature, conserve natural resources and save money. As our mascot and spokesphibian Bog Frog says, “Conservation Pays!™”

The Eco-Domes was constructed using the latest technologies to conserve energy, building materials and water, as well as reduce pollution. No fuel is burned, no waste is produced and no water is polluted by our operations, yet we enjoy beautiful, comfortable, spacious and artistic surroundings. As a matter of fact, at the Center, you will learn to save significant amounts of money with our environmentally responsible ideas.

Over the years, the quest for profits has caused a neglect of ecology. Our mission is to make conservation profitable through what we call Conservation Marketing™. There are products, programs and services now available that help reduce our impact on nature, yet save money as well. Our for-profit corporation helps individuals, small businesses and large corporations launch conservation initiatives that improve their bottom lines. Our motto, CONSERVATION PAYS!, is a good philosophy for all.

The Eco-Domes is also the home of our non-profit (501c3) corporation. As a membership organization that researches and publishes information on water quality, water conservation, water dynamics and the nature of water itself (at the molecular level), we are perched on the cutting edge of knowledge to help our society move into the 21st century better prepared for increased population and decreased water resources.

Our mission needs your help. Clean, usable water continues to decrease through pollution, misuse and population growth. At the same time, new regulations with corresponding costly compliance issues increase dramatically. The Bog Frog Company is constantly seeking, through practical conservation programs, ways these concerns can be solved economically. So why not learn to prevent problems, decrease expenses and even earn money through conservation? Our mission, “to harmonize with nature, conserve natural resources and save money,” MUST continue to spread through society with the smoothness and determination of water itself.

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