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Paint Exchanges help communities and neighborhoods deal with their leftover paint; paint that might otherwise end up polluting our landfills, lakes, rivers and public water systems. The WATER Foundation, in conjunction with the National Paint & Coatings Associating (NPCA) encourages its partners to initiate such a program which (1) conserves natural resources, (2) fosters positive community relations, (3) enables radio stations to effectively secure non-traditional sponsorship of TWF’s conservation radio features.

"Ribbit! The WATER Foundation Radio Network offers programming ideal for sponsorship of many conservation related community efforts. We will work directly with your station to develop a positive community-supported recycling initiative.  After all, this is what we do best; while we help you increase station revenues." Bog Frog®

How Does it Work?

During the Paint Exchange (can last for a day or over several weeks, etc), members of the community bring their usable leftover paint to a central collection point, where it is sorted and distributed on the spot to other members of the community. This is just a swap; there is no cost to the consumer. Best times to run such an event include spring cleanup time, around Earth Day, and early fall-- after summer do-it-yourself projects.

How Do We Increase Station Revenues?

(1) Get local retailers involved. Home interior centers, hardware and paint outlets are great prospects for such an event. Hosting an in-store Paint Swap means increased store traffic and sales. That’s why it’s called a ‘Swap & Shop.’

(2) Hold the paint exchange in conjunction with a community household hazardous waste collection event, or on a particular day at a regular waste collection site (such sites are equipped to handle disposal of any unusable paint collected during the exchange). Proven prospects include county/state recycling centers, waste disposal companies, recycled products manufacturers and land / water conservation offices.

What are Some Other Benefits of a Paint Exchange?

  • Saves money for consumers by receiving good quality, usable paint for free.
  • It’s easy to conduct alongside the community’s regular household hazardous waste collection events.
  • With volunteer help, it costs almost nothing to organize and hold.
  • It’s good for the environment! It can substantially reduce the amount of leftover paint that needlessly ends up in landfills.
  • Call us toll free at The WATER Foundation, (800) 944-FROG (3764). We’ll help you to develop a recycling program tailored to match your local community. We can also aid your sponsor search. 
  • To contact the NPCA for more specific information about the Paint Exchange program, call (202) 462-6272.

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