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Products for the Third Millennium

As we enter the new millennium, we need to respond to the demands on our natural resources and purchase the technology that can make us self-sufficient.  We here at the Eco-Domes, home of Bog Frog, offer products that can reduce your impact on nature and save money...not just a few dollars, but a lot of money.  You can and may need to become independent of utility companies and other suppliers.

Products listed here are key factors in helping you live a more independent existence.

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps heat and cool by geothermal energy from the earth, therefore no fuel is burned, and no pollution is created.  The systems use only electricity and water, are energy efficient and constructed with quality in mind.

  • Southwest Wind Power brings you high tech wind generators to power your home or business utilities and appliances.  The investment in wind power should pay for itself in 6 to 12 years, and after that the electricity is virtually free.

  • Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Systems remains the world leader in composting toilets, and dominates the North American market with its unparalleled range of 22 models from 6 different product families. Each model is designed to fill a specific need, and each is distinguished by innovative design, superior technology, and Sun-Mar's legendary quality. For sizing and pricing call Green Designs and Supply at (952) 938-2152 e-mail.
  • Clivus Multrum is the brand name for commercial size waterless composting toilets. These toilets offer a waste management system that conserves water and prevents the pollution of waterways.  The biological toilet produces odor-free, pathogen free compost fertilizer for the enrichment of the earth's soil, and thus, human waste is converted from a problem to a product

  • Philips Lighting Co. the originator of compact fluorescent technology manufactures a series of energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. With compact fluorescent bulbs you can save up to 75% of the energy used in standard incandescent bulbs.  Compact fluorescent bulbs are quiet and produce a soft natural light with an excellent color rendering index.

  • Siemans produces solar cells and other photovoltaic products.  The sun is the primary source of all energy on earth.  Photovoltaic generators can be used anywhere because they do not require an infrastructure for fuel distribution.  There are no moving parts to wear out and no pollution is created.  Systems usually pay for themselves in about 7 years.

  • Sunwize is a leader wind and solar power generator systems.  One of the major strengths of photovoltaic systems is modularity.  With SunWize, as your needs grow, individual components can be replaced or added to provide increased capacity.

  • Trace pioneered the development of affordable, efficient inverters.  Solar and wind generated energy must be converted from DC to AC to take full advantage of an independent electrical system, so an inverter is essential.  Trace has an inverter for almost every conceivable application.

  • Root Cellar Plans for walk-in coolers designed by David and Dennis Winkelman are available through the Eco-Domes Conservation Campus.  These energy-efficient natural refrigerators are kept cool by the earth. The humidity and temperature are controlled with adjustable ventilation and the steel sub-structure acts as a Faraday cage in screening out cosmic radiation.

  • Gray Water Systems main purpose is to reduce the waste of water in your home. Gray water systems utilize water that would normally have been wasted down the drain, to water and nourish plants indoors and outdoors.  The system also aids in  humidity during dry months.

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