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Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling Promotion

 Fluorescent light bulbs use only about one quarter the energy of a common incandescent bulb. And fluorescent bulbs last an average of 10,000 hours; normal incandescent bulbs only work for about 750 hours. Quite a difference, especially when you consider the investment in time and money. Not to mention potentially saved energy.

Perhaps equally as important, though, is the responsibility of proper disposal of these energy saving products. Spent lighting products are the second largest source of mercury contamination in our municipal solid waste systems; and this is an easy source to eliminate. Recycling of fluorescent light bulbs keeps toxic mercury out of the environment, where even a few ounces can endanger wildlife, fish and humans.

"Ribbit!  The WATER Foundation Radio Network offers programming ideal for sponsorship of many conservation related community efforts.  We will work directly with your station to develop a positive community-supported recycling initiative.  After all, this is what we do best; while we help you increase station revenues."


Local retail stores can create community goodwill and increase their sales by sponsoring such a recycling program. Fluorescent tube recycling in retail outlets works by instructing residential and/or commercial customers to drop off their used bulbs. For each bulb, customers are normally charged a small drop fee to cover handling and transportation by a licensed hazardous waste company to a recycling center and recycling itself. Case studies have shown that about 50 percent of people dropping off used bulbs buy new ones while in the store.

This program is perfect for radio sponsorship of TWF’s conservation-based short features. Cooperating businesses who run adjacent ads promoting their fluorescent tube recycling program immediately boost their local image, while drawing increased store traffic.



Hardware / Lighting Stores, Home Interior Centers, Building Supply / Home Centers, Grocers, Mass Merchants, Discount Centers, Recycled Products Manufacturers, Recycling Centers, and more!

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