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Public relations remains an ongoing process. Which is why in the media business we recognize that it is the public—your community and ours—that guides our growth and success. In order to develop into an organization respected in the community, that organization must keep its finger on the community’s pulse— reacting in such a way as to reflect the public’s positive light.

The Bog Frog Media proudly provides businesses with the ideal approach for striving toward community respectability. Because our mission is about developing ways to team commerce and conservation concerns (i.e.,"Conservation Pays "), we remain very particular about the messages sent in our programs. In other words, radio show content is non-political and non-controversial. This assures any of our prospective clients that they will be promoting nothing beyond concern and education for their community and the people who live there.

We offer several suggestions for obtaining the perfect "Image" sponsor for BFM programs on your station:

Evaluate your area businesses / organizations.

cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)How many employees do your large businesses retain?

If your target organization employs many people, it will be important for them to maintain positive community image. Involvement with timely conservation issues establishes community leadership and shows concern for their employees.


cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)Consider targeting area businesses with a poor public reputation due to a community perception that the business is a major contributor of air pollution, excessive waste, dumping, noise, etc.

Most large businesses are mandated to reduce / control pollution levels. Often, the public is unaware of the positive steps taken by these businesses to decrease pollution. Tell them you have a solution for them, one designed to improve their image.


cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)Consider targeting other area businesses with poor public image due to the products or services they provide.


Target local waste management companies (a.k.a. garbage disposal companies). They offer a perfect example where pollution controls have been improved without the public taking notice. Nationwide, many private and public waste management organizations now use better, more profitable ways of increasing the "recyclability" of many products (i.e., plastics, grass clippings, aluminum cans, tires, batteries, etc.). These types of companies want to improve public image, but in most cases simply don’t know how to approach the problem.

Many other companies, like nuclear and electric power, natural gas, plastics and chemical manufacturers all seek ways to better educate the public on their improved conservation strategies. Utilizing programs by BFM-- including radio shows in conjunction with community-supported promotional events (see promotions booklet)-- has proven an extremely effective means of securing local sponsorship.

Present our programs as a means of improving image and showing community support.

cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)As an alternative to selling radio time merely as product & price advertising, tell prospects that you have a vehicle which will strengthen their public relations / educational efforts. Our programs deliver a soft, neutral conservation message that compliments this type of campaign.

Offer unique messages to place within or adjacent to our programs.

cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)If your prospective business is seeking traditional image advertising, great! Provide them with a straightforward message to be presented with the programs.


cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)If, however, they have never considered the image marketing approach and don’t appear interested, give them something new! Suggest they sponsor a promotional event (see our Community Promotions) or a "Community Events Calendar":

"This week in Your Town . . . On Monday, the Your Town Zoo will host an open house . . . Your Town events brought to you by Your Town Waste Management—committed to our community, committed to our future!"

This type of event calendar works beautifully within or adjacent to our programs.

cbf-4sm.jpg (4381 bytes)If your target company is a mystery to your community, suggest ways for them to develop a relationship with a "Getting to Know Us" campaign. Possibly offer high-ranking business officials the opportunity to do brief taped spots regarding their conservation initiatives and community-oriented programs. You may even suggest an occasional "company response" campaign where listeners call in or write questions regarding the business, their products or services. This provides them with an outstanding public relations tool and valuable market research.

Bog Frog Media image marketing approach is more than an alternative means of sponsor prospecting. It has actually become a method for developing long-term radio partners. When used in conjunction with any number of timely community promotions, these approaches will not only help build lasting business associations, but create a positive image for your radio station as well.

 For additional information on this approach and other proven methods of securing sponsorship, call us at (800) 944-3764.

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