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CONSUMER REACH: 85% of the U.S. population

TRADE REACH: 44,000 Hardware Stores & Home Centers

MISSION: To increase sales of products which conserve natural resources.

TIMING: Broadcast, Print and Internet advertising programs will be orchestrated with retailer campaigns with at least a two-month lead.


1. National Radio Broadcasts: Vendors radio ads can be heard daily by up to 10,000,000 listeners (measured by Arbitron) during radio drive-times. The listeners are adults ages 25-54 (50 percent female).  The vendors product messages are placed into targeted additional campaigns seasonally (see below) to coincide with retail sales peaks .

Vendors ads can air on The WATER Foundation’s network (129 stations), the USA Radio Network (548 stations) the States News Networks (1799 stations) and vendors will have the choice to saturate a campaign nationally or target a strategic promotion regionally.

Vendor ads are featured in targeted conservation campaigns seasonally on the following.cbf-8small.gif (9663 bytes)
  • Energy Conservation
  • Natural Gardening
  • Less Toxic Pest Control
  • Water Quality
  • Water Conservation
  • Eco-Autos & Power Equipment
  • Waste Reduction Rechargeable Battery Recycling
2. Local Radio Co-op: Retailer taggable vendor radio ads are provided to local stores through local radio stations, along with sales literature, letter from vendor and co-op information at least 60 days in advance of vendors national ads airing.

3. Web site Advertising: A full page 4 color ad for participating vendors will be placed on the web sites of both NRHA and The WATER Foundation for the duration of vendors radio flight. See and in our website click on Hardlines Vendors.

4. Trade Advertising: All 44,000 hardlines retailers will be notified of vendors involvement through the key trade publications Do-It-Yourself Retailer and Hardware Retailer monthly in advance of their radio flights. A full page 4 color ad in D-I-Y is included.

5. In-Store Merchandising and Retail Service: A Retail Conservation Marketing Kit is being disseminated to all participating hardware and home center stores through a sales force of over 5000 local radio sales people. This kit contains in-store signage, shelf-talkers, end-aisle headers, vendor signage, vendor product ordering forms, sales literature, vendor co-op advertising materials, letter from vendor, campaign summary at least 60 days prior to ads breaking, employee training program, advertising modules for print and broadcast, and a comprehensive GreenGuide® of Best Management Practices for the retailer.

$30,000 net for one unit.
$55,000 net for two units.
$70,000 net for three units.
Unit includes 2500 thirty second radio spots over 2 months, a full page ad in D-I-Y Retailer, listing in Hardware Retailer trade letter and a full page ad on the Operation HOP website.
Vendors will be selected for inclusion by category because of their product's conservation benefits, packaging, pricing and value, co-operative advertising programs and overall environmental impact.
Call 800-944-3764 for a sales representative for your area. Limited slots are available for vendors - call to check if your category is open or can be shared. Longer term contracts (4 or more units) may be available at lower costs than above. Please inquire.

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