Frog Friendly® Tips with Bog Frog®
60 second (vignette) / 12 episodes per week

Bog Frog, The WATER Foundation's mascot and symbol for water quality and ecology, presents practical, easy to apply, bite size tips that help listeners save money as they learn to be more friendly to our environment by conserving energy and resources.

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Topics include:

Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Automotive Care, Home Improvements, Lawn and Garden, Creative Recycling, Community Involvement, Bog Frog Media's Programming, Wetland Preservation, Wildlife Improvements, Waste Reduction.

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Here is an example of a Frog Friendly Tip Show:
"This is Bog Frog® with a friendly tip.  Do you usually dump gasoline into the ground?  Of course not.  But lots of people do the equivalent every day.   I'll be right back......

Throwing away just one aluminum can is the same as if you filled a can half full with gasoline and made it disappear.  Recycle all your aluminum cans.  You can make a little money at the recycling center and be Frog Friendly too!"

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