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The Eco-Domes has 10,000 feet of beautiful, comfortable space with all the conveniences, yet hardly consumes any energy to operate.  This facility is located near Brainerd, Minnesota, where temperatures vary from a biting 50 degrees below zero to a very humid 100 degrees above zero.

The domes were constructed using the latest technologies to conserve energy, building materials and water, as well as reduce pollution.  No fuel is burned, no waste is produced and no water is polluted by our operations, yet we enjoy beautiful, comfortable, and spacious  surroundings.  Practical, affordable components, subsystems and contractors are listed here. 

As you experience our center, we believe you will learn ways to better harmonize with nature, conserve natural resources and save money.  As our mascot Bog FrogŪ says, "Conservation Pays!™"

Technologies and products that can reduce your bills!

Here is a list of the products that are used at Eco-Domes.
Click on the photo for more information.

1.  Solar Electric Products   The sun is the primary source of all energy on earth.  Photovoltaic (PV) generators can be used anywhere because they do not require an infrastructure for fuel distribution.  There are no moving parts to wear out and no pollution created. Our PV system will pay for itself in about seven years.  More information

2.  Wind Power  The center is also powered by a wind generator which creates most of the electricity for the utilities and appliances.  The investment in wind power will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time, and after that the electricity is virtually free.  Wind Generator products system information is available through the Eco Domes Conservation Campus. More information

3. Permeable and Recycled Paving Products   Permeable paving has many advantages over asphalt or "ridged" paving. The HOP Shop Center's parking lot was paved using recycled asphalt and concrete.  The 4 inch class 5 base is made of recycled asphalt.  The 2 inch thick hot mix is made of 20% recycled concrete and 30% recycled asphalt. More information
4. Efficient Wood Heating The center is heated by a Central Boiler efficient outdoor wood furnace They are a safe and efficient way to heat your home. It is designed to look like an attractive storage building and is installed away from the building being heated. For safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, wood heating might be for you too! More information

5.  Granite Works  Local granite flagstones, retaining walls, boulders and plaques adorn the premises because they are environmentally responsible, beautiful and will last hundreds of years.  Little Falls Granite Works (of Little Falls, MN) made our unique plaques. (Photo taken of pavers in front of the Eco Domes.)  More information

6.  Track Lighting  The compact fluorescent track fixtures are energy efficient, consuming only 26 watts per bulb, which saves a lot of energy.  Halo Power Track system by Cooper Lighting is well made, durable and features a convenient two circuit system. (This photo was taken in our recording studio.)  More information

7.  Native Hardwoods  Beautiful red oaks and other hardwoods were supplied by mother nature within 200 yards of the domes.   No live trees were sacrificed for our decor-- only selected harvesting of the dead native trees was used.  (Photo taken of main reception area of the dome.)

8.  Native Red Oak Flooring   The craftsmanship displayed in the floor enhances the dramatic setting of the domes natural wood interior. (Photo of wood inlay centerpiece.)  The beautiful oak floor was installed by Warnberg Floor Service.  Enhance any building with beautifully crafted wood floors.  More information

9.  Ceiling & Wall Lighting Fixtures  Our beautiful light fixtures all utilize compact fluorescent light bulbs which consume only an average of 13 watts per bulb.   This not only helps reduce pollution, but saves us money.  More information

10. Thermal Ceiling Tile  These attractive ceiling tiles are called “Thermotile” because they supply a thermal resistance (R factor) of 4.55 per inch. Besides being good insulation, they are made from recycled polystyrene and have high light reflection without glare. These tile are also washable, reversible and do not shed fibers. More information

11. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs  All bulbs in the domes are energy efficient compact fluorescents (CF) which saves up to 75% of the energy used by standard incandescent bulbs. CF bulbs are quiet and produce a soft natural light with an excellent color rendering index. More information

12. Recessed Lighting Fixtures  Our energy efficient and highly reflective recessed fixtures feature compact fluorescent light bulbs which only consume 32 watts per bulb. Compared to equivalent incandescent bulbs (150 watt), this saves us 5 fold on energy. Our lighting fixtures were supplied by Cooper Lighting (Iris brand).  More information

13. Commercial-size Composting Toilet   Our large composter offers a waste management system that conserves water and prevents the pollution of waterways.  The biological toilet (by Clivus Multrum) produces odor-free, pathogen-free compost fertilizer for the enrichment of the earth’s soil, and thus, human waste is converted from a problem to a product.  (Photo to left of the Eco Domes upper level bathroom.) The Clivus Multrum is available through the Eco Domes. More information

14. Hydronic Heating/AC  The HOP Shop Center is exclusively heated and cooled by geothermal energy from our pond (and the earth), and thus, no fuel is burned and no pollution is created.  The systems use only electricity and water, are energy efficient and constructed with quality in mind.  More information on hydronics

15. Recycled Paper Insulation  Spray-on cellulose is good insulation (R=5.5/inch), a sound reducer as well as fire-retardant and pest resistant.  Cellulose is made from recycled paper, then mixed with borax. Saving energy and recycling paper are Frog Friendly ways to build!  (Photo taken in between floor and ceiling.) More information

compost toilet

16. Residential Composting Toilet   One of the most advanced, self contained composting toilet systems available.   No water, no chemicals and no septic system is required to turn waste into a harmless, useful product.  In harmony with the laws of nature, the compost toilet creates no water pollution and generates a beneficial end product: humus. Composting Toilet systems cost less than installing a regular system. More information

17. Geothermal Walk-In Refrigerator   This walk-in cooler for the HOP Shop Center was designed by Dennis and David Winkelman.  This energy-efficient natural refrigerator is kept cool by the earth.  The humidity and temperature are controlled with adjustable ventilation and the steel substructure acts as a Faraday cage in screening out cosmic radiation. (Photo of steel substructure.)  More information
18. Energy Saving Foundation  The permanent wood foundation (PWF) for both domes, made from Wolmanized pressure-treated wood, is more energy efficient than traditional block or concrete foundations.  The PWF does not crack like block, is warmer in winter and is more user-friendly for mounting items on the interior walls.  (Photo taken of the Eco Domes main dome foundation.)  More information

19. Recycled Plastic Lumber  This beautiful decking is made from recycled plastic shopping bags and shrink-wrap (high density polyethylene HDPE), then mixed with 50 % waste wood fiber.  This material will not rot, sliver or crack and contains a UV inhibitor.  (Photo of our deck overlooking the pond.)  The decking material is made by Trex Company LLC.  More information
20. Water Flowforms  Water, flowing through figure-of-eight patterns, generates a series of vortices (whirlpools) which pulsate rhythmically.  This action cleans and oxygenates water in a natural, soothing manner.  We’ve installed a variety of flowforms from around the world that you can purchase to enhance any pond or landscape.  (Photo to left is Boulder Stream Flowform)  
21. Greywater Systems take sink water that would have been wasted down the septic systems and reuses it in outdoor and indoors planters.  Greywater building information is available through the HOP Shop Center.  More information
22. Radiant Distribution Center Warm water is circulated through PEX tubing embedded in the floor of the Eco Domes Conservation Campus. The heat radiates up through the floor, warming the people, furnishings and air in the room. The warmth stays down around where the people are, not up at the ceiling or lost to the outdoors every time a door or window is opened. It's a comfortable, even heat where cold spots and drafts are eliminated. More information
Eco Domes Conservation Campus: 1-218-764-2321
Winkelman's Environmentally Responsible Construction

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