Earth Day Promotions

Earth Day
is an exciting, important event which each year eclipses national and cultural boundaries in pursuit of a common goal-- to conserve and sustain the world’s wondrous natural resources. But Earth Day can also be a perfect time to host a fun community based conservation day. And you can get local sponsors involved too; it’s a great way to couple conservation radio programming from The WATER Foundation with local partner support.

The WATER Foundation Radio Network offers programming ideal for sponsorship of many conservation related community efforts. We will work directly with your station to develop a positive community-supported conservation initiative. After all, this is what we do best, while helping you increase station revenues through creative sales support.

We offer a series of potential Earth Day promotions


  1. Contact your public schools and find a class that would be receptive to a "remote."
  2. Establish a one or two hour slot during which your station can set up the remote for that classroom.
  3. Send Bog Frog Clue Cards (provided by TWF by request) to the class prior to remote date; kids will then have background information on conservation and ecology and can answer live questions.
  4. Assign class members to design an Earth Day poster to be presented when you come to the classroom.
  5. We provide you with 10 Earth Day questions. Ask the students to answer the questions while you are airing live. This will generate greater enthusiasm and participation during your remote. Q&As are multiple choice so correct answers are simple. We can send you an audio tape of Bog Frog’s questions. We can also provide promo items as "prizes" or better yet, get local retailers involved and have them donate prizes.
  6. Present the class with a Certificate of Achievement signed by Bog Frog and a Bog Frog poster for their participation in Earth Day. Or, provide each individual with a certificate. The first certificate is free. Thereafter we will print them for you at $1 per certificate (20 certificate minimum).
  7. Conclude the event by presenting the class with or planting a seedling. This is always exciting for kids and serves as a nice reminder of the purpose of Earth Day.

Earth Day Community Activity Suggestions

  • Hold a town-wide tree planting to beautify the community. Contact your state forestry department for information on no-cost or low-cost seedlings.
    Or, contact the National Arbor Day Foundation, (402) 474-5655.
  • Hold an Eco-Fair or festival with booths featuring environmentally sound products, foods, services, and perhaps demonstrations of wise consumer practices, etc.
  • Sponsor an Earth Day dance or concert to raise money for an environmental project in your community.
  • Host a city-wide clean up and/or create a sculpture of recyclable materials. Contact Keep America Beautiful, 9 West Broad St., Stamford, CT 06902, phone (203)323-8987.
  • Work with town officials to encourage them to use all recycled products (as available) for governmental offices.
  • Sponsor a bike-a-thon that emphasizes the need for open space and recreational areas in your town.
  • Adopt a local river and protect it from pollution and/or development.
    Contact American Rivers, (202) 547-6900.
  • Organize a campaign to encourage local supermarkets to offer recycled and recyclable products, provide reusable shopping bags, or offer money (eg. $.05) for each plastic or paper bag they bring from home to reuse.
  • Ask your local government to set up a system for collecting and recycling the CFCs in old refrigerators and air conditioners, or collection sites for used household batteries and fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Organize a beach clean-up.
    For more information contact the Center for Marine Conservation, (202)429-5609.
  • Organize a household hazardous waste collection day in conjunction with local pollution control authorities.
  • Give community awards for environmental leadership and achievement, both residential and commercial. Receive nominations and establish a committee to review the nominations. Sponsor a community-wide event to present the awards

For more information on these promotions and other ideas for Earth Day E-mail or call us at 1-800-944-3764.

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