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Clivus Compost Toilets Respond to You and
Your Environment with a Natural Solution

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Our large composter at the Conservation Campus offers a waste management system that conserves water and prevents the pollution of waterways.  The biological toilet (by Clivus Multrum) produces odor-free, pathogen-free compost fertilizer for the enrichment of the earth’s soil, and thus, human waste is converted from a problem to a product. The picture to the right is of the upper level bathroom
  • Dollar savings in project costs, installation, maintenance, water and sewer fees.
  • Water savings- no leach fields or sewer hook-ups; no pollution of lakes, streams or beaches.
  • Odorless and environmentally sound.
  • Complete waste treatment packages, including design services, greywater systems, buildings, alternative electrical energy systems.
  • National sales force to assist clients in planning, purchase, installation, and maintenance.
  • Full time technical support team to answer design, installation and maintenance issues.

How Clivus Works
  A single composter accommodates up to four toilets with urinals and handles up to 65,000 uses per year.clivus2a.gif (7793 bytes)
  Human waste from the toilets and urinals is collected and retained in the composter, along with additions of carbon-rich bulking agents such as pine bark mulch or wood shavings.  The organic carbon contained in the solid waste and the building agent combine with the nitrogen supplied by the urine to promote and sustain the growth of aerobic bacteria.  These in turn decompose the waste products into safe, odorless water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of solid compost and liquid fertilizer.
  The composting process reduces the volume of human waste by 95%.  The stable compost end-product can be removed from the composter tank about once a year and used as a soil conditioner.  The liquid fertilizer can be removed several times a year and used as a fertilizer on ornamental trees and shrubs.
The blower controls air flow, providing on oxygen-rich environment while accelerating natural decomposition - assuring an odor-free toilet operation.

  • Clivus systems are available with alternative DC power where AC power is not feasible.
  • Clivus is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Clivus systems are now available through the Eco-Domes
Call 1-218-764-2321 or e-mail us for more information.

"Providing practical ways to harmonize with nature."

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