As a member of Bog Frog Media Radio Network your station is taking a positive step toward natural resource conservation. Beyond this, listeners will recognize and appreciate your commitment, regularly tuning in to our quality conservation-education features.

Being an affiliate, though, also means benefiting from our commitment to your station! We promise to make every effort to provide full-service radio syndication. This means making contact with you as often as you require in order to answer questions and assess your needs. Please feel free to contact us toll free, (800) 944-FROG. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Free, Market Exclusive Programming  Programs are offered to your station free, on a barter basis. What’s more, running any of our short features guarantees area exclusivity. Your station will stand out from the crowd with global, timeless, yet non-controversial conservation messages. Listeners tune in daily to learn the value and intrigue of our natural resources. It’s fun, too!

Sales Support Kit  We will guide your sales staff toward the right leads, based on a comprehensive inventory of our most frequent radio sponsors. Our shows actually promote the products sold by most retail businesses! The kit also includes information on how to use "image marketing" to your station’s advantage. Of course, we also provide over-the-phone advice specific to your local business climate.

Exciting Community Promotions  Entice new sponsors of BFM radio programming while garnering public favor. Our newly published booklet, The Conservation Community, details many effective community promotional events centered around resource conservation-- Adopt-A-Bog, Earth Day events, battery recycling, Operation H.O.P. and more! In this booklet, we offer fun, yet simple ideas for community-related conservation promotions sure to attract local partners.

Custom Promos  Yet another great service free to you, the affiliate. Send us your customized liners or simply opt for our pre-written "form" promos. Use the voices of our show hosts, like Bog Frog®, to create a fun, pro-conservation image.

Live Interviews by Request  Educate and entertain your listeners. Do live or taped interviews during station events, promotions, Earth Day, etc. with our expert panel of radio hosts, Bog Frog®, David Winkelman, Clare Waters and Max Mileage.

Bog Frog® Artwork  We offer your station limited rights to implement these popular illustrations into your own station promotions. Want to print up some Bog Frog® tee shirts? How about buttons or bumper stickers? Give us a call. We’ll send you our "Style Guide" for correct usage of Bog Frog and CD of high resolution Bog Frog Illustrations.


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