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"Change A Light,
Change The World"

Vendor Campaigns:
  Change A Light Change The World
  Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation*
  Energy Star Small Appliance Program*
  Mercury Technology*
  Mow Down Pollution*
  Conservation Improvement Programs*
  Paint Drop and Shop*
  Integrated Pest Management*
  Low Flow H20*
  Energy Star Heating and Cooling*

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Who: All consumers who now use incandescent or other inefficient light bulbs or fixtures.

What: A conservation marketing campaign to get people to change to more efficient lighting, like Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs), via radio, print and public relations and government programs.

When: 2003 Starts in October. 2004 TBD

Where: Nationwide and region by region, in conjunction with Ace and participating Power Companies.

How: Advertised through The WATER Foundation Radio Network, local Power Utilities and The US EPA. Energy Star are then sold through local Ace Hardware stores.  The EPA's Energy Star Program has been perfecting the campaign for several years, which opens the door for numerous partners and promotions.

More Information:

    The WATER Foundation's Radio Networks, Conservation Programs and Internet Marketing infrastructure is leveraged to assist Ace's merchandising and advertising efforts to promote the lighting product sales programs, in conjunction with Power Utilities and EPA Energy Star.    Visit the EPA's Official Change A Light Change The World page for more details.

    The EPA's goals are:

    • Stimulate demand for increased availability and variety of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products in the marketplace
    • Influence market share of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products
    • Strengthen consistent ENERGY STAR identity in the marketplace:
      • By choosing products with the ENERGY STAR, every individual has the power to make a difference for the environment.
      • Products that earn the ENERGY STAR meet strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.


    Other campaigns include:

    1.   Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation: Battery Collection and Sales program. See

    2.   Energy Star Small Appliance program: see

    3.   Mercury Technology: Fluorescent Bulb Recycling and Sales program. See

    4.   Mow Down Pollution:  Lawn mower Exchange and Sales program

    5.   Conservation Improvement Programs with regional Power Companies

    6.   Paint Drop and Shop: Old paint collection and new paint sales program

    7.   Integrated Pest Management:  Product Merchandising and HHW collection program

    8.  Low Flow H20, water conservation program, in conjunction with the US EPA

    9.   Energy Star Heating and Cooling program.  See

      Check back here again to see more details about these campaigns or call (218) 764-2321


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