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ACE Insight
One of Ace Hardware Corporation's most effective communications tools with their 5000 stores is the Ace Insight monthly publication.  All major programs are outlined in quick, easy sections with resources for more information.  Participating Vendors were featured each month and conservation programs were highlighted.  

Ace Hardware Daily News

Each spring and fall, Ace hosts one of the most successful hardware conventions in the industry.  Store/Dealer attendance at the Ace shows is legendary and vendors aggressively compete for booth space and product category leadership.  Every day of the convention, Ace provides a Daily News paper, delivered to the hotel room of each dealer and provided at all entrances to the Ace show.  The WATER Foundation's programs were highlighted, sometimes on the front page of the Ace Daily News, which also played on the marquis and electronic communication services in all Ace show locations.

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A Letter from Bill Loftus
Senior Vice President
Ace Retail Operations and Marketing

Dear Ace Retailer:

"Ace is the place for conservation!"

Not only is conserving our limited resources the right thing to do, it's also good business, as many Ace retailers are discovering. In partnership with The WATER Foundation, Ace had developed programs and promotions featuring water and energy conservation, wildlife enhancement, "Green Earth" lawn and garden and eco-automotive maintenance. These programs were designed for local dealer participation and have all been successful campaigns.

"Community involvement builds customer loyalty, brings into the store. It's the right thing to do, and in the end, it helps the bottom line." Larry Hassett, Palo Alto Ace Hardware, Palo Alto, Calif.

In addition, Ace and participating vendors are sponsoring The WATER Foundation's syndicated radio programs, outdoor Trivia and Frog friendly Tips with fats about nature and conservation. Practical, do-it-yourself tips relate simple conservation practices to products sold at Ace stores. Ace and vendor products featured in corporate ads allow dealers to take advantage of co-op funding for local marketing.

"Our customers comment on the Bog Frog show and listen for it. It had to have created a conservation impact in our community, and it's a great tool to create long-term awareness and education for the customers." Elliot Auerbach, Ace Hardware Company, Inc., Ellenville, N.Y.

Ace Advertising Media Services had also produced a Conservation Sign Kit ($20) which includes print materials for in-store promotions and community-based education on conserving natural resources. To date more than 700 Ace retailers are participating. The kit contains an end cap header, aisle cards, shelf talkers, ad slicks, conservation posters, a press release, clip art, a green guide and a "how to" instructions.

By making operational changes, educating employees and customers to reduce, reuse and recycle, by selling conservation-related products, and becoming model conservation leaders in your community, you as an Ace dealer will be the industry leader for environmental responsibility.

For more information on Ace's program with The WATER Foundation, conservation ideas for you're store-especially for Earth Day coming up on April 22-or to order you're Conservation Sign Kit, Just call 630-990-3605, or return the reply card on the back page of this issue. Make your store the Ace place for conservation. It's good business.


Bill Loftus
Senior Vice President, Retail Operations and Marketing

A Project of The WATER Foundation
and Ace Hardware
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