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FACT: “Impermeable pavements and parking lots now cover more area than the remaining untouched forest areas in the USA. The number of new developments planned is staggering, with millions of more acres now planned for pavement just in America alone. Pavement is largely waterproof and is designed to create a barrier between vehicles and the earth that can withstand traffic, creating run-off water problems of increasing concern.”

“Water, mixed with microbes from humans, food, animal matter and chemicals spilled on pavements, creates super-active bacteria and virus incubators that spill into adjoining areas and spread disease. Microbes breed at an alarming rate when warmed by the warm pavement. These deadly pathogens are washed from the impermeable surfaces into our waterways, retention ponds and sewers from which they travel via insects, birds, animals and water supplies.”

Pavement collects water and creates a runway for water to gain momentum. Thousands of gallons of runoff water moving quickly erodes both topsoil and substrates. Property is destroyed, flooding increases and silt moves into waterways causing pollution.

The Eco Domes Conservation Campus is establishing a testing protocol in 2007 that will be useful for the pavement stakeholders (including Government agencies, Paving Industry and Property Owners) to determine the viability of PP in our northern climates.
Initial partners include MPCA, MECA and AW Research Labs.

HOP Shop Center’s Permeable Pavement (PP) research includes these factors:
  1. PP Deterioration from Freeze-Thaw Cycle & Traffic
  2. PP Perc Rate and Run-off Capacity Handling
  3. PP Pore/Substrate Plugging and Maintenance Needs
  4. Water Quality Benefits: Silt Filtering, Pathogen Reduction
  5. Costs of Various Designs and Installations



The paving at the HOP Shop Center is constructed of recycled asphalt and concrete.  The 4 inch class 5 base is made of recycled asphalt.  The 2 inch thick hot mix is made of 20% recycled concrete and 30% recycled asphalt. 

For more information on pavers and recycled paving products call 1-218-764-2321

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HOP Shop Center parking lot

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