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Frog Friendly Coloring Book

Each page contains an entertaining drawing for children to color as well as an educational Frog Friendly Tip to show how children, of all ages, can do easy, simple things to help out "Mother Nature".

Price: $1.50

otb-sm.jpg (5827 bytes) "On The Bog"© Poster
(Click here for larger view of poster)

The whimsical poster is a hit with people of all ages. A limited edition artwork by Minnesota artist Paul R. Kampa featuring Bog Frog and his friends in their nightly orchestrations reminding us to keep our natural world "in tune". Beautiful colors.
Image size 20x30.
Paper size 20x34.

Price: $7.95+ shipping and handling

award.jpg (3837 bytes) Frog Friendly® Certificates

The perfect way to reward people for their efforts to conserve nature. Fill in the blanks for any conservation activity like fluids/battery recycling events, or conservation ideas contests. Each certificate is printed on light grey 100% recycled paper with blue and white graphics. Customized certificates are available by contacting The WATER Foundation.
Package of 10

Price: $12.50

Classynth™ CD

Twelve piano classics including "Musette" (Grieg), "Rumanian Folk Dances" (Bartok), "Four Seasons" (Vivaldi), and "Prelude in C, No 1" (Back), performed and orchestrated in synthesizer with pianist Michelle Sakry-Winkelman.   Inspired by Michelle's love of concert piano literature, this 50 minute tape provides much joy and enlightenment to those who listen. Produced at The WATER Foundation Recording Studio.

Cassette Price: $9.95

Wetland Sketches CD

Thirteen piano classics with nature sounds from the wetlands. Including “Autumn Leaves” (Rebikov), “Moonlight Sonata No. 2” (Beethoven), “Melodie Elegie” (Massenet), and “First Arabesque” (Debussy), performed and orchestrated with pianist Michelle Sakry Winkelman. Inspired by Michelle’s love of concert piano literature and nature, this CD provides much joy and enlightenment to those who listen. 
Produced at The WATER Foundation Recording Studio.

CD Price: $14.95

carb-catch.gif (9943 bytes) The Carbon Catcher Program

This program is a powerful breakthrough, a comprehensive solution to a series of environmental issues:  reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, increasing the water storage capacity of our soils; preventing flood runoff:  wind and water erosion: increasing the growth and health of our forests; and others.  This 31 page booklet is a useful tool whether you raise house plants, plant gardens or farm. 

Price: $4.95

money.gif (10296 bytes) Homemade Money

The Rocky Mountain Institute estimates that there are 40 billion dollars of energy bills to be saved annually and they've written a book to tell you how you can get your share. It provides no-nonsense information for homeowners and renters on how to save money and the environment. 6x9 Soft-cover. Published by Brick House. 258 pages.

Price: $14.95 + shipping and handling

Energy Tips Booklet

As energy prices go up, the interest in conserving energy and reducing power bills. 
Energy Conservation intersects a wider crosssection of environmental concerns than any other issue, perhaps with the exception of water. Today, questions like where energy comes from, what by- products are created, and how efficiently energy is used remain 
primary concerns to all of us. This booklet will help you be a smart user of energy.

Price: $9.95

Eco-Auto® Tips Booklet

An Eco-Auto is well tuned and regularly maintained for better fuel efficiency and longer life. 
Eco-Auto Tips give you the means to conserve natural resources and keep the environment clean while saving money. Eco-Auto Tips booklet will steer auto owners toward simple, money-saving car care
Price $9.95

Retail Hardware Best Management Practices

The Water Foundation, received a grant from the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA) to research, identify, and document cost/benefits of "best management practices" for waste reduction and pollution prevention in the operation of a retail hardware store. The pilot program was implemented in partnership with the Minnesota-Dakotas Retail Hardware Association and the Ace Hardware Corporation. This guide, Retail Hardware Best Practices for Waste Management, is a management tool for hardware retailers throughout the United States.
Price: $9.95

Bog Frog® Postcards

This beautifully illustrated reminder card for your customers reminds them of services, special events, or other announcements. Blank address side and blank window on illustrated size.  Size: 4 1/4 x 6 inches. 
Comes in a package of 10

Price $2.00 

“Monarchs of the Wild”© A Limited Edition Art Print

This lions curiosity with the monarch butterflies brings on the look of debate in the large cats face. Should I catch them or hold still and watch?. Most all species- including man- share a fault / benefit called curiosity. The original was painted in oils and the dramatic lighting makes you feel the sun on its back. Printed on acid free 80#. Art Stock, using sun fast inks. Limited Edition (1500sn) 
Paper Size 18 x 25, Image size 14.25" x 21.25"
Signed and number: $95.00

Whedon Ultra 1.9 SaverShower

The ultimate in high performance low flow shower technology, the Ultra 1.9 combines the award winning SaverShower technology with a new patented flow regulator that provides a constant flow of 1.9GPM from 40 to 80 psi. The result is a strong, invigorating spray that uses over 20% less water than weaker, standard water saving shower heads. Great for both high pressure and low pressure areas, the Ultra 1.9 SaverShower is made in the USA of solid brass and chrome plated with a limited 5 year warranty. Great for anywhere that saving money and getting a good shower is important. Available with a push button trickle valve for greater savings while lathering shaving, etc.. 
Price: $13.95

Whedon Deluxe SuperSpray
Swivel Spray & Stream Faucet Aerators 

The deluxe SuperSpray is a great addition to any kitchen faucet. The spray body provides both a forceful shower like spray or a normal, aerated stream. The lever control easily cuts the flow to a trickle to save water and energy in between rinsing dishes, vegetables, etc. Made in the USA with a chrome plated brass swivel ball and connector (no plastic threads to strip on metal faucets), all SuperSprays have both standard male and female threads to fit any standard kitchen faucet. 
Price: $10.95


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