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Above is a Mountain Stream Flowform made of a bronze resin composite. NEW!!!

What are FlowForms?

FlowForms are unique, water bearing forms that mimic nature's best rhythmic flows. These sculptures were conceived by close study of how free, unfettered water moves and meanders in nature. Free-flowing water is living water. It is the figure eight patterns movement through FlowForms which helps return water to a dynamic state. Thousands of vortices (whirlpools) created by FlowForms provide powerful aeration and reorganize water subtly at the molecular level which improve the water quality....and helps make water the foundation for a peaceful source of refreshment, renewal and relaxation.

Many varieties of beautiful Flowforms that have been designed by artists and scientists in Europe are now available here in the U.S.

We’ve installed a variety of flowforms from around the world that you can purchase to enhance any pond or landscape.   Flowforms are available through the Eco Domes Conservation Campus.  Phone 1-218-764-2321.

You can visit our FlowForm website at


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