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The domes are exclusively heated and cooled by geothermal energy from our pond (and the earth), and thus, no fuel is burned and no pollution is created.  The systems use only electricity and water, are energy efficient and constructed with quality in mind.

It's comfortable! If you hate cold floors and drafts, radiant heating systems are for you! There are no rapid temperature swings and dust spewing vents like there are in forced air systems.

It's clean! Do you have allergies? Since there are no air circulators or fans, radiant heating systems don't stir up dust and other allergens. Floors also stay dry and fungus-free, which greatly reduces indoor allergies!

It's cheap! Heat pump radiant heating systems use the earths heat to warm water, which means the heat comes from the Earth, not from burning expensive, polluting fuels.

It's efficient! Radiant floor systems can be up to 40% more efficient than even the most efficient natural gas furnaces or boilers! This reduces energy consumption which is also environmentally responsible.

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In a liquid or "Hydronic" radiant heating system, a heat source such as a heat pump or a boiler, produces warm water. These systems generally operate from 80°F to 120°F. Warm liquid is circulated through PEX tubing in the floors which heats the room evenly. Since the liquid has to transfer some of it's heat to the room, by the time it reaches the end of the loop, it's temperature has dropped. The cooled liquid is then re-circulated through the heat source and the cycle continues.

Radiant systems take heat from a heat source, such as a heat-pump, boiler, electricity, and even solar thermal collectors, and distribute it evenly throughout a building. Most radiant systems operate at relatively low temperatures (less than 120°F/49°C), which allows them to heat very evenly. Since an entire structure becomes a giant radiator, the room won't have "hot" and "cold" spots. No fans are needed, to circulate air, no dust is stirred up and no air filters are required.

To the right, is a view our utility room. We are using Florida Heat Pumps, Uponor hydronics, and Grundfos circulator pumps. More information on hydronics

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